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Компания Габбьяно

Компания Габбьяно

Gabbiano has recently celebrated its 5th anniversary.

During this short period of time the company has become one of the largest manufacturers of wedding dresses in Russia. Our brand is not up to all the famous world brands, surpassing them in many criteria.

So a Gabbiano wedding dress reaches brides in Russia as soon as possible, avoiding borders, customhouses and reducing all the possible risks undertaken by excited girls and their moms.

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On organized at the end of the same year exclusive show Gabbiano presented the new collection "Magic Dreams" which was in the market in 2012. The collection caused feverish demand and faced the company administration with the necessity of expansion.

This year the company has presented the new collection "Secret Desires" which includes more than eighty models by Gabbiano designers. The new collection is designed to satisfy the most sophisticated demands of our brides. It features all the possible cuts of wedding dresses, and the wide model range allows every girl to express her own individuality.

In October, 2013, Nizhny Novgorod was in the list of the cities, ready to offer the new collection of Gabbiano and the famous Italian designer Massimo Longi to our customers.

Gabbiano presented its new collection and the collection "Venezia" by M.Longi. These two collections perfectly follow the trends of the modern fashion and time. In these collections every bride can find a wedding dress to make her feel comfortable and special. A correctly chosen wedding dress can underline the girl’s beauty, express the girl’s mood and show her character.


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