Gabbiano Wedding Dresses

Gabbiano is more than 300 original models of wedding dresses, created by professionals and embodying the most current trends in wedding fashion. You can find our dresses in more than 100 cities in Russia and abroad. We are constantly working on expanding the network of showrooms – Gabbiano representatives. Moreover, brides can easily order a wedding dress on-line.

Gabbiano is a dynamically developing Russian manufacturer of wedding dresses. We are focused on working with major customers – bridal showrooms, boutiques, shops and offer to our partners a wide choice of wedding dresses.

Gabbiano model range is constantly being updated according to the latest trends of bridal fashion. We are oriented on your business development and offer manufactures of consistently highest quality and competitive prices, making our partners feel confident.

Wedding dress is the symbol of life!

What cars are undoubtedly paid attention to in the monotonous stream on the road? That's right – those in the bridal procession! And it's because they carry a holiday sensation, bright impressions and joy! And who is the symbol of the wedding? It is, of course, the bride! Everybody wants to see her – what does she look like? And every bride, knowing that she compels the attention of everybody around, wants to be the best, the most beautiful and the most attractive. And to succeed, she just needs a genuine wedding dress which strikes by its magnificence, extravagance and beauty.

Wedding day is the most memorable day in our life. It remains in our memory forever. And wedding dress is the symbol of these brightest impressions, the symbol of joy, happiness, fun, youth and beauty!

How to choose a wedding dress?

Brides are usually confused – what wedding dress to choose? Most of us have the Internet, which allows not only to find out where to buy a wedding dress, but also have a look at them, choose the one you like and even order it. But it is still recommended to try a wedding dress on at least once before buying. Not always a marvelous dress from the lookbook suits you that perfectly. And sometimes the model which you’ve passed is ideal for you. The groom is not accepted at the try-on, but it would be better for you to ask your friends or relatives to accompany you. Outside point of view may be very useful.

Where are wedding dresses manufactured?

For the wedding dress is the dress of the most memorable day, it should not only be beautiful but comfortable as well. And it depends on the quality of used materials and the successful design. Professional manufacturers of wedding dresses pay to these criteria as much attention as to the design. At this stage the production of wedding dresses, sold in Russia, is up and running in China, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey and Russia itself. All too often offshore manufacturers do pay attention neither to the quality nor to the singularity of models, copying each other. And who wants to look like all the rest! That is why the price of a wedding dress directly depends on its quality and individuality.

Production of dresses in Russia is currently considered to be the most professional. The brand «Gabbiano» stands out from the crowd with its constant development of new forms and particularities, technological improvements, participation of new materials, enlarging the range of models. It has become a tradition to introduce new collections annually. Thus, not yet forgotten the magnificence of the collection of 2014, when the collection of 2015 already awaits to be presented. Not far off the time is when the Russian brand «Gabbiano» will start to produce new models more often than the famous European fashion houses and will become the arbiter of the world wedding fashion.

If you wish, or you represent a bridal showroom in any city of the world, please, contact us and Trading House «Gabbiano» will offer you unique conditions of the wholesale purchase of wedding dresses.

Trends and styles of wedding dresses

While choosing a wedding dress you can give ear to the shop assistant and choose a magnificent wedding dress which will definitely underline your slim figure. You can listen to your mom and choose a lacy wedding dress which will show the beauty of your body in the best light. You can listen to your friend and, following the trends, choose a short wedding dress which will excite men’s imagination. A good friend will advise you a stylish Greek wedding dress, and you will imagine yourself to be Thais Athenian.

You can give rein to your imagination and search for a wedding dress according to your secret desires. Perhaps you’ll see the dress in your enchanted dreams and you will choose to become a fairy or a nymph yourself. Or, maybe, you are absolutely confident about your glamour and your name is perfection. Perhaps your imagination will take you to the stage of the Bolshoi Theater, and you destined to be the Premiere.

Or you can easily find the least expensive wedding dress.

All this is possible, but most important is that this choice has been made by you – then the wedding day will be the best day of your life and your dress will be the most beautiful ever!

Where to buy a wedding dress?

To satisfy the most refined taste and imagination the Trading House «Gabbiano» offers you its unique models. With the help of a far-reaching network of dealers, you can buy a wedding dress in Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar or Murmansk. A complete list of cities you can find here, on our website. If your city is not in the list, you can order a wedding dress online. Dresses are only designed to underline the dignity of every bride.

Be unique and beautiful at this best day of your life!